Soapology Tobacco & Carmel Soy Massage Candle

For more than a year I hadn't purchased any non soy candles. First, no they aren't expensive, most of them I got from Target for less than $10. And second, I'm not vegan, I just find the ones from BBW can cause me headache. At the moment I'm burning some from Pacifica I got in Black Friday/Cuber Monday sales. And I'm enjoying specially the Mexican Cocoa scent. However, I wanted to try massage candles, which I haven't tried before. I was first introduced to the concept of massage candles by Ruth Crilly AKA A Model Recommends while ago, and I find the idea very appealing to me. 

As you may seen in my latest Catch-Up I posted a picture from this lovely boutique in NYC called; Soapology. I haven't heard of this place/brand before. However, my cosine in one of her who lives in New York, discovered this place in one of her trips to the city. She told me if I come to visit, she will take me to it, and I will love it.
When walked into the tiny store (I was expecting something bigger) I was overwhelmed by the full shelves up to the ceiling. I didn't know where to start, or what I'm looking for really, since I have nothing in mind to try. Once I read "massage candle" I kinda knew what I want to try. And when I saw this black & gold label I stopped to read what written on it. And it was an easy job to sell this scent to me. I'm not a fan of tobacco or caramel in real life. But in the world of scents a combination of sweet and earthy scents is always a win for me. There is two sizes small retail for $10 (sorry I don't know how much product in it). And the bigger size which is 8oz, retail for $26. I know it's not the cheapest of a candle but considering it's not a candle you would burn just to scent a room, I will forgive the price tag, and you only need few drops to massage the whole body. The smell is very sensual, I think it makes the perfect massage oil. Plus it is fast absorbing, still you have the smell lingering for quit long time. So, all and all, if you want to indulge yourself, or to have special time with your significant other, or even if you just want to try massage candle I think it's worth the price.

Soapology Tobacco & Carmel Pure Soy Massage Candle 8oz HERE 

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