2014 Beauty Favorites

Disclaimer: Favorites post/ videos are my favorite. So, it only feels right to do one. I don't do monthly favorites because I don't test many products per month. I do think that I try many products, but I do it mainly for myself. And my philosophy is; I have to finish what I have then I'll buy new one. Except for some makeup stuff.

So, the criteria here for a product to become a favorite is that I want to buy again, or I already purchased it many times. 

Starting with skin related stuff, I'm pretty happy with my skin right now; So, I think these product really works. KIKO Purifying Scrub I don't remember I've been happy with facial scrub as I am with this one. I bought it with no exceptions, but it was very good, and really helped my skin to stay clean. For my cleansing routine (which I'm planing to write a post about it) I've been using Konjac Facial Sponge (there is different kinds with different price range). Ecotools has one under $10. You can start with this one, and see if you like it or not. Also, in order to remove makeup, I was using these washcloths from Bumkins, which I bought for my LG when she was an infant. However, I didn't use till the end of this summer the past year, and discovered how amazing they are for removing makeup. You can find more about: Waxelene and Mario Badescu Rosewater, in these previous posts. Another great skin related find is Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Faces Lotion SPF 30 it doesn't feel anything like your usual SPF; It's not heavy, it hydrates, yet it does protect your skin from the sun.  

Physicians Formula BB All In 1 Cheek Lip Balm in Natural is my latest finds in 2014. However, I believe it deserve a mention in this post. For quite sometime I was searching for cruelty free/drugstore dupe of Benefit Majorette blush. And I think this is the closest. I don't use it on my lips, I don't think it shows on the lips to be honest (at least on mine). But on the cheeks it looks very nice, and stays very long. And more importantly you wont need a brush to apply it, and this is great for traveling. And to read more about It Cosmetics Tighline Mascara and Jane Cosmetics Water Resistant Liner, just visit this old post HERE. In the hair department, I don't think my hair witnessed worst hair than this year. It was frizzy and out of control. Until the beginning of the last fall when I started using Acure Hair Mask Moisturizing Root Repair. Seriously, I thought my hair was hopeless, but thank you Acure you made me believe in miracles. 

I don't buy perfumes I didn't smell. However, I did ordered Nuxe Prodigieux le parfum without smelling it. It's not because everyone was raving about it. And not because I loved their oil, because I didn't try their oils. It just because I was feeling adventurous. And they were so nice to sent me a sample to try it, unfortunately it was lost in the mail. Nontheless, it was a risk worth taking. The best way to describe the scent is: it's the smell of an accomplished woman. 
When it comes to my eyebrows I've never been the kind of girl who spent hours to even them out. I'm happy with the way they look. I think they goo very well with the rest of my facial features. And for the few hairs that needed to be plucked I used any available tweezes. One day I had points from Ulta to redeem, and I don't know what to choose. So, I decided to try the infamous Tweezerman tweezers, and I think they are just brilliant. They are very paresis and sharp which make the procedure ten times more enjoyable.  

Hope you enjoy my very long annually favorites post. 

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