Books in Even Lower Prices?

My newest discovery, and the first (I guess) in 2015. Is an online bookstore. It maybe not new for some of you. Or maybe it's not a discovery at all. Anyways, I feel it's important to enlighten those who set in the darkness (as myself, two weeks ago). 

The other day I was searching for some books in even lower prices than Yes, sometimes I don't feel paying the original price for a book, because I'm not sure if I'm gonna like it enough to pay the full price. And let's be honest here; I really appreciate the hard work in most of these books; but really, if I know I can save more bucks why not? So, my search ended up with me finding the magic world of Wordery
In my very limited search, many of the books that I found on Wordery are priced less than Amazon. Which is great. Another great thing about the website; that they have free shipping with no minimum purchases, and this includes not only U.S. But also, many international destinations. The good news doesn't stop here, there is always some offer going on, so lookup for these offers. 
What about my experience? Well I ordered from the site a book usually retail between $16-$17 for $11.70 no tax added. Using free shipping option,  I received the book after 16 days, including non business days.

As conclusion, I would say, I'm satisfied with my experience with Wordery. I know it takes very long time to receive your order (compering with Amazon and putting in mind that they are U.K, baste). However, if I'm not in a rush, I'm definitely going to order from them again. Specially, after I decided to not renew my prime account with Amazon, and the price tag difference is more than $3 dollars. 

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