Bodum Latteo Milk Frother

If you read my 2014 favorite, you properly read how much I'm in love with French Press. The reason why I converted to french press is that I used to use Nespresso. Nespresso make a good easy coffee. However, I'm trying to stop consume anything Nestlé related products form many ethical reasons. And since the damage has been done by buying the Nespresso, I tried to use Nespresso capsules alternatives. And obviously, they were not so good. So, the other option was to give up Nespresso all together. And my search for best way to make coffee at home led me to the great French Press. 
The coffee part was solved. However, I like my coffee with milk. And I like my milk frothed. So, I kept my Nespresso machine in order to use its frother. But I was always searching for away to get rid of that huge machine occupying my counter and making cleaning step harder. 

First, my first criteria I was looking for is; Something manual. No, not because I'm authentic and organic. I just want something wont breakdown from liquids getting inside. I chose this particular brand/ design because from the review I've read, it appears it is easy to use and dishwasher and microwave safe. Which is very important to me since I like to worm up my milk a little. However, everytime I track one down. It is only matter of days and then it's sold out from whatever site it was sold on. Reading some reviews on Amazon some said it has been discontinued. (I have contacted Bodum regarding this issue, but they didn't respond). Finally, I found it on site called Coffee Arts
Let's talk about the performance. One word: great. Easy to use (as shown on the box), and the results just perfect. (If you want to watch how this frother works HERE). Side note: I use whole milk. However, if you like to get ready or do whatever you want but frothing milk while waiting for your coffee to be ready; This not for you. In the cleaning side. It cleans very easily. I leave it in the top drawer in my dishwasher and it was just fine.
In concluding, I'm very satisfied with this frother.

UPDATE: I received this email from Bodum today
Thank you for contacting Bodum. We value you as a customer and appreciate your patronage.
Product 1446-01US4 is currently on a backorder. 

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