Small Space Gardening

Last fall my sister gave this nice book called "The Urban Kitchen Gardener". She knows that I wanted to make my own herbs garden. It's fun, it's healthier and for the long term, it's cheaper. Also, I was planing to do this since I moved here almost two years ago. I know, it took me ages to get around and do this. And yes, there's a reason why I kept postponing this garden thing. 

First when I moved here, it was end of summer. So, I couldn't justify making a garden for month or so. Then the cold whether will come and kill my plants. The next year, I travel for a month in March, when I came back the furniture I was planning to buy for my balcony garden was already out of stock. So, this year I decided "it is the year". And here we are.
When I started reading this book I was already deciding if I want to plant something, it has be edible. Otherwise, I won't feel obligated to water it, and take care of it. (Yes, I'm this kinda person). The book wont tell you everything about gardening. But it is easy way to introduce you to urban or small spaces gardening. I only have balcony so this book is perfect. From what I read I knew herbs are the best thing to plant in my case. The next step for me was choosing what herbs I want to grow. So, my choice was things I will use most. I don't want to plants too many and can't take care of them. Therefore, I had to put a limit. Nothing more than six. My must have herbs were: mint, cilantro and parsley. And since I bought this SOCKER plant holder from IKEA and it comes with six pots. I wanted to add more. So, I chose two types of mint (because I don't want what's better). Of course, cilantro, parsley and I added basil (with lemon hint) and thyme. I'm super exited to start to cook and make delicious salad with these delicious and aromatic herbs.

  • Urban Kitchen Garden: Grow and Cook Your Own Food in the City from Amazon for $11.00
  • SOCKER Plant pot with holder from IKEA for $29.99

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