MWiP #6

I would call this week a successful one. At least I done something I was planning to do from two years ago. I know it may seem extreme (I'll try to talk about it in a separate post). And I have a strong feeling that you're gonna understand. 

Clockwise: (1). Someone got a camper! (2). Finally, I went to a nursery to get some herbs for my herbs garden project. (3). In my book; a week includes an IKEA trip, is a winner week.  (4). First time eating at diner. It was a lovely one though. (5). Also, for the first time we tried our grocery store's sushi. And it was surprisingly good. At least this is what I think (6). Here's me trying to show friends how to take selfie using earphones. Believe me it's genius. Sadly the reaction was very underwhelming.What a waste?!! However, I understand; being brilliant isn't an easy thing  (7). I'm trying to find more easy to make food. when we feel lazy. Yet I want something good. I think this frozen pizza is decent. It does the job. I think I would gladly, repurchase. The easiest food I can make (before this pizza) was toast and labne with chopped olives. then the second easiest; well nothing everything else needs preparing, and cutting and cooking and I don't think even the greatest cook in the world would enjoy doing this all the time.

See you next week. 

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