MWiP #4

Sorry for the delay. Last weekend we went to New Jersey. Smart me, brought my laptop and forgot the charger. So here I am, writing this late (very late) Sunday. And hooray for me doing this MWiP for month now. 

 (1). An oriental breakfast at Marmaris Cafe in Edgewater, NJ. what more can i say?! (2). Earlier this week I've done some easy cooking, I will write about it in coming post (I promise). (3). By now, you already know we went to NJ to visit some friends over there. Of course New york was part of this visit. (4). If you don't know, and you don't follow me in Instagram @starsmaquillage Kiko (an italian "semi" drugstore makeup brand opend its first store in the U.S. in Westfield Garden State Plaza, NJ. And I may purchased couple of things. (What can I do, I was waiting for this moment since I knew Kiko, two summers ago). (5). No, it's not the real deal. You may know it's closed for health issue, but we tried these and no they weren't as I wanted them to be. (6). My body butter is about to finish, and I ordered this body oil from using my cashback reward program thing, and it it smells delicious. The scent is: coconut fig leaf. (7). I done some DIY project, inspired by Pinterest, and I'm not sure if I'm liking the result. I may re-DIY it. 

See you next week.  

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