The Guide to Happiness: Smaller Closet

I know I may sound quite unaccomplished, and maybe pathetic, but I will say this: I'm proud that I don't have huge closet. I really don't like to accumulate clothes. And believe me I love my clothes. However, I can't imagine myself buying stuff that I'm not sure If I'm gonna wear or not. Other thing: I don't like the idea of over-thinking everyday wear. So, everything should, somehow work with everything, almost.  

  • First, I really do believe that no body needs to shop every sale. I only shop from sales when I need to. 
  • I really hate the idea of having the same thing over, and over again. Specially, when it's something trendy. I know I would hate them all. And I will end up with full closet with no clothes I can wear. Which is kinda sucks.  
  • If I can see it, I will probably forget about it. And maybe I will end up buying the same thing again. That's why I don't like cluttered closet. 
  • I have fairly small closet. So, storage solutions is a must. IKEA always comes in handy. But also I have this over door organizer, I found in my local Target (I couldn't find it online). I use to store: scarves, ties, sunglasses and jewelry. 
  • The best part for me is "the magic bag". Which I just decided to call it this lousy name. My magic bag is basically where I collect in, any pice of clothes we're not gonna wear (my daughter, my husband and I). And every month or two I go to H&M and get %15 off voucher. 
This is how I keep things under control. And be less bothered about cleaning and organizing my closet. I just wanna say: don't take the tittle too seriously. Also, Can you spot Sephora's friends and family sale bag? 

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