Baby's Empties #1

I do believe baby related stuff is the most frequent empties we have in our household. So, here is some: First, I have to say that my baby is a main reason that made me to think to become a "greener" person. I had zero knowledge in baby's things. I only developed some knowledge during my pregnancy and after I gave birth. Which is mostly from the internet, thank you very much.

Naty Diaper
First we tried Pampers. Hence, the hospital I gave birth in gave us a small Pampers bundle. And I remembered it was the brand my Mom used with my younger siblings. I used it for some times before I decided to be cruelty free, until we switched to Seven Generation. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Once there was a promo code or something on Naty Diapers on So, I said why not "who can resist a Swedish product?" Absolutely not me. I loved them, they are very good. I would recommend it for anyone. However, we are now trying The Honest Diapers. What I can do thier printed diapers are super cute. And cheaper than Naty's. 

Seventh Generation Thick n' Strong Free & Clear Baby Wipe
Oh lord, lets just pretend that we didn't see this. This is by far the worst wipes (baby or not baby) I've ever used. Lets sum it in these few sentences: First: the packaging is bad. You can easily lose the cover, or whatever the call it. And the wipes will dry out. Second, they spoused to be soft I mean duh it's baby's wipes. However, they are hard as a board paper. Well, almost. I know they said it's "thick and strong". But still it's for babies.

Plum Organics Baby Little Yums Organic Teething Wafers, Pumpkin Banana
I'm about to announce something big, but it's the truth. And the only truth. I do think Plum Organics make the best baby snacks. I used to buy Ella's Kitchen cookies. They are good, but super messy. My baby's car seat and clothes doesn't survive my LO eating skills. However. with Plum Organics wafers the damage reduced from %100 to %20 or less. Which is super great. 

  • Naty Diaper, 144 ea for $44.99 in
  • Seventh Generation Thick n' Strong Free & Clear Baby Wipe, 265 ea for $9.99 in
  • Plum Organics Baby Little Yums Organic Teething Wafers, Pumpkin Banana, 6 ea for $3.99 in

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