Artifact Uprising: Instagram Friendly Book

Today I received the first Instagram book I edited and ordered from Artifact Uprising. First, I have to tell you this: having this album printed it means for me far more than bunch of printed pictures. Actually, the whole idea behind me creating an Instagram account is to use one of these Instagram printing services. So, the prophecy of me having an Instagram printed album kinda fulfilled now. 
Why I chose Artifact Uprising other than any other service? Well, I liked the finishing product (from the picture I saw).  Then, I learned that they use recycled paper which was a double thumps up for me (if there is a such thing). However, not being able to have an access to my Instagram account through Artifact Uprising was s draw back. Since I have lost some of my old Instagram pictures on my iPhone. So, I tried to use another service, but the total cost was way higher than what I expected. Plus, it was less elegant. Luckily, I read Artifact Uprising A&Q and they guided me to Which is basically a website you can import pictures from your Instagram in it's uploading quality/size.

Lets start with the downside;
I placed the order in the 4th of January, and they send me a shipping conformation email in the 14th of January. When I placed the order they said: allow us 6 business days for shipping. And I received it at the 15th of January. So, the bottom line; it's not the fastest service you can get.

Not a downside, but looking to the package I was expecting something bigger. I think It's a habit of mine to expect bigger things (don't take it the wrong way, check HERE before you judge my words). So, you can get an idea of how thick the pages will be. It's not very thin, but not thick too. I would say it's in a thickness of an average coffee table book. Am I taking too long to talk about the thickness of the pages? Never mind, maybe I'm in old albums state of mind. And my brain can't process the idea of having an album with 42 pages with less than .5 cm /.2 inches width! I promise I'm not going to talk about this anymore.
Moving on, the quality of the pictures are very nice. I mean I'm not expecting extraordinary quality from Instagram pictures mostly taken by iPhone 4s and 5. But I really like the designs they offer, I think they are elegant, and it never hurts to have a touch of elegance in your life. Does it?

In conclusion, I'm very pleased with what I got. I'm defiantly thinking of printing another Instagram books with them. They are reasonably priced (comparing with other similer services). They are eco friendly. And the come out is super nice and cute.

Today I received an email from Artifact Uprising. Telling me that you can access Instagram through their website. 

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