The Kinda [HIM] Edition

This gift guide is not totally for men, I think many women would enjoy most of the things in this list. Actually, I would describe it as a unisex gift guide that would appeal to most men. Again, I haven't tried (or any male in my family have tried) all things in the list. However, the thing they don't already have, are on my list for any coming events, that I need to gift them. 

Chromcast, this is the new one (you don't have to buy the three colors obviously), we have the old one, and since we have PlayStation I think it is more convenient and cheaper than Apple TV $35. My husband love kitchen tools and knives are no exception, if he hadn't purchased a knife just days before his birthday, I would've bought this elegant black ceramic knife for him (the one he got doesn't look half beautiful as this one) $27.99  I got this pocket stand for iPad to my sister, and I think it is super cool to anyone who watch movies and videos on their phone $19.99. This book is for fútbol and book lovers. Most male (and some females) in my family love football and I think they would enjoy this book $24.19. Oh lord, this perfume, If you like a guy, but you know he is not that attractive just let him use this perfume and I grantee you, you will see him as Zayn Malik $100. My husband LOVE organizing when he cook, he lay down all the tools he is going to use on the kitchen's island (crazy I know, but I'm ok with it as long as he going to cook good food). So, I got him this valet, it fits all his accessorizes and help him not to lose any $49.95. I haven't tried this website but they offer a fitting kit (can you believe it?!) I think my husband would be thrilled to have a nicely fitted belt $130

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