Toddlar's Gift Guide

My daughter's birthday in December. You may know by now, that I love gift guides. So, these are some of the things she already had and love so much (or something smiler from the same manufacturer). In my ideal world things should be gender neutral, and most of the stuff  we got her is in this category. 

Obviously the theme here is mainly things I like, then stuff she enjoy (yes, I am this kind of mother, who choose gifts according to my liking, because toddlers do not know what's good for them). I believe everyone have Grimm's infamous rainbow stacker, but I think this 1001 Nights Building Set is way cooler $83.95Jellycat has some of the nicest stuffed but who can resist cute camel (yes this camel is cute) $17.5. I got this set of books from the MetMuseum last summer, And they are my favorite art books for toddlers, they are color coded, with some of the finest art pieces $24.95 My daughter is obsessed with tattoos, this temporary tattoo book is perfect for her. They got this one with flowers and unicorns and other one with cars and space rockets $11.90-12-80. We got her this piano almost two years ago. At first she wasn't into it, I was a bit disappointed, but now she enjoy it very much. In fact, she's way better than me $68.95. My daughter now master the English alphabet (almost). She know how to spell her name in English. So, I had to bring something to made her familiar with the Arabic alphabet, and these blocks just perfect. And the great thing about them, they show how Arabic letters written at the beginning and in the middle and at the end of the word $89.99. Lastly, this beautifully illustrated book about yoga, which is becoming her favorite activity (after dancing DUH) $23.87.

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