How to Ruin Your Toddler's Sophisticated Taste?

As I said in a previous post, my daughter's birthday is coming, and for the first time she knows that birthday means cake. She kinda starting to plan her birthday (more of instructions rather than planning actually). First, she told us who's invited and who's not: me and her father made it to the list (luckily). Also, she was very particular when it comes to her birthday cake, she said: it's purple with flowers on top (I don't know where she came up with the idea?!!). The flowers should be white. Furthermore, the cake itself should be chocolate: "No white Mama". 
I love good small beautifully themed parties. However, I was terrified by her choices. I didn't want her birthday picture to look like a crazy mom who wanted to plan a second wedding but couldn't. So, my mission was to keep her instructions but adds some tacky elements, because I'm an authoritarian like this. So, I had to make a mood board. And this mood board had many changes because not everything in my head does exist in reality, so I had to go with what is available. 

Everything after this paragraph is written/taken after the actual birthday. I just wanted to document the process, and see if the real pictures would be as cute as this mood board? (yes I think it's cute). It is the first time I done "a party" (not really there will be only four of us) that someone was really particular and non-negotiable with their choices (FYI: I don't plan parties, on professional level. it's mainly parties by me or by me with my sisters).  

As I mentioned, it was a very low key, private party. It were only her father, and our friend and I. Those the only people who were invited. She even told me two days before her birthday (which was preponed due to the travel of one of the attendees) that her friends are not going to be invited to our home for her birthday. (By the way, no one mentioned inviting her friends, but you know better safe than sorry). I didn't plan what flowers I'm using, I was planning to get flowers after I see how the cake went. I think everything went beautifully, the cake looked homy enough to me, I found this unicorn candle holder on Etsy HERE which added the needed bling.  Also, since she told me that she wanted purple cake with flowers I started searching for a balloon that would make the cake less wedding-esque. This balloon can be found all over the internet just type: purple unicorn (usually the cheapest sellers are on eBay). To be completely honest, it was brilliant that she almost chose every detail. It was so much easier for me to plan this cute little birthday party. The moral of this story, listen to your kid, they "may" have some good ideas. 

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