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I've being blogging for the longest time. Not in here. I have many blogs some are active some are not. And during these years I think I owned pretty much every blogging tool. Form my own domain, to editing apps and programs. And of course I owned many cameras and lighting set. However, for this blog I want to keep it simple and easy. It's all about hassle free. 

Now, basically my only tool is my iPhone 5. No, not an iPhone 5s, I know I'm a bit outdated. In addition to the iPhone camera. I use two apps (both not free unfortunately). The first of the two, is my beloved ABM app from A Beautiful Mess sisters. This app basically do the whole work. from choosing the right filter, to add text or doodle. The other app is RealBokeh to add some bokeh, if I'm feeling cheesy. Both apps listed for only $0.99 on iTunes App Store. 
For now, I'm really happy with the result. And I don't think of buying or using any more tools. Unless, if it a very cool app. Which basically means using only my iPhone, which I will already use whether I am blogging or not. I really do believe you don't have to buy the fanciest tools to enjoy blogging. 

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