H&M Conscious

I'm sure by now everyone knows about H&M Conscious Program. Where you can recycle unwanted clothes. Personally, I love to "clean" my wardrobe. I think it's good to be able to let things go. If I don't wear it, if it's not my style or doesn't fit me anymore, if I can't see myself "likin' it" any time in the future, why should I keep it?! 
For months I have that bag in my wardrobe filled with some clothes (it was only five pieces). Clothes that I was only keeping because they fitted me well while pregnant. They weren't maternity clothes, but really I've never felt that they fit my style. 

Today, since we are planning to leave the country for sometime. I wanted to clear our place as much as I can from any unnecessary things. So, I grabbed the abandon bag and decided (finally) to take it to the nearest H&M store. It is very simple pressure. If you know any H&M store that it collect unwanted clothes (they will be a sign behind cashiers), take a shopping bag, give it to whom is standing there and they will give you a 15% off of any one item from your choice. You can read HERE more. I'm really happy with this, I hate to accumulate anything, it make me feel that Im messy. And I'm already a messy person, so why do I have to make it even complicated for me?!!. 

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