Deliciously Good: Jamie Oliver's Cook Books

If Tarte's Gorgeous Getaways Portable Palette Set is the ultimate gift for the beauty junkie. A cook book from Jamie Oliver is the ultimate gift for a food lover. I first knew Jamie through his infamous cooking show "The Naked Chef". Since then I tried many of his recipes, they were fairly easy (I'm not a beginner cook). And most importantly very delicious. Also, I collected most of his books. My three favorite are: Jamie Does ... Jamie's America and Jamie's Great Britain.  

The reason why I love this three books in particular; is because the recipes in there are so diverse. Jamie Does ... The book contains recipes from (Spain, Italy, Sweden, Morocco, Greece and France. So, if you have it you almost master half of the good food in the world. No kidding the recipes are so good. My  favorite are the Moroccan chapter. In Jamie's America you will find recipes from all over the US. with all the influences that influenced the american cuisine. It is so rich, and informative. For me it was like a road trip in a book. Jamie's Great Britain, is the recent edition in my collection. Yet I didn't try any recipe from the book, but going through the book I really see some very interesting food I'm looking to try some in the couple next weeks. 

The three books retails for about $59 together. If you think this is too much money for cook books, and you want to buy one of the three I would recommend Jamie Does ... Since it has recipes from different cuisines from around the world. 

You can find the three books HERE in my luvocracy, or separately on 

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