10 Reasons Why Banana is Brilliant

For this year's Thanks Giving we went to Boston. It took us almost 10 hours drive to arrive to our destination. Something you may have to know about me; I hate over pack. I rather to miss things than to bring things I don't need. I do believe that most of the time you can find places to buy what you've missed. But you can't always find someone who will carry dozens of luggages for you. Or enough space to store your endless baggages. So, what's with the banana? And how it's related to packing and traveling? Well. I decided rather than carrying tons of baby food and snacks, I will bring bananas with me 

  1. It's full of nutrition (check the table bellow)
  2. It's inexpensive (4 bananas usually cost less than one pack of baby food blend)
  3. It's here year around 
  4. You can find it anywhere
  5. it's naturally packed in a smart easy to peel way (no tools, no mess)
  6. There is no need for any cooking or preparation
  7. Also you don't need any tool to eat it (which is super cool when you don't want to carry the whole kitchen with you)
  8. It has the right consistency (not very solid which can ends up with a seat full of crumbs. Also, not liquid-y to worry about any stains
  9. Adults can enjoy it too
  10. It is eco friendly (its peels are very good for you organic compost)

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