Brownie: The Perfect Nude

For the past few months I was looking for lip product can give me good, not washed out nude lips. It wasn't a real search mission. I love to have some color on my lips. But some times I want to go with a bold eye look that required nude lips. First, I bought Maybelline Lipliner in Nude. My sister liked so I gave it to her. (This was before I decided to become a cruelty free. Also, this was before I done any research or get any recommendation. 

Months ago, when I was thinking of becoming a cruelty free. I read in Lisa Eldridge's blog about nude lip pencil. She recommended Rimmel Lasting Finish in Tiramisu 050 for medium tone skin.  Well I bought it and I didn't like it at all. I'm not talking about the formula. The color was very dark for me. I felt like I was a heavy smoker my whole life. It was too brown and I didn't see any pink in it. I kept it just to see if I can layer it with other products to reach the desire color. 
Last week I watched a review video by Emily Noel on youtube, talking about Nyx lip butter. First, I'm not a lip butter kinda girl, I tried the Revlon ones before, I wasn't wowed by them. I just decided to give this ago after I liked Emily's lips color in that video, and she said she's wearing the shade Brownie. Ironically, they are both dessert or cake or whatever. I know this is lame I just want to mention it. I went to Ulta and picked Nyx Butter Lip Balm in the shade Brownie. It is described as a natural brown/beige in Nyx's website. For me it has the perfect amount of pinky tune in it, which make it more of a natural looking when you apply it on the lips. 
The packaging is very cheep (not in good way of course). Nothing effect the quality of the product itself it's just a visual thing. And of course it wont be long lasting since it is a lip butter. However, it's nude, it wont be a big of deal if disappear during the day. Plus, it is in a very small and compact packaging which can easily fit in any bag if you want to reapply. 
Finding this product it will absolutely make me to put the Rimmel lipliner on my giveaway list. (If I don't like a product I give it to a friend or relative as most people do).   

  • NYX COSMETICS Butter Lip Balm in Brownie for $3.99 in Ulta and

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