Some Sleek Makeup Products

Sleek Makeup, is properly the first drugstore makeup I was interested in trying some of their products. Specially, their eyeshadow palettes. First, can we just appreciate the very "sleek" packaging? It reminds me of NARS packaging. But dare I say; I like it more. 

The first I tried was an eyeshadow palette since I was very curious to try their infamous eyeshadow palettes. The other So, here is my opinion on the thinks I've tried from the brand. 

I-DIVINE in Au Naturel Nude: 
As the name of the palette indicate it is a neutrals/nude eyeshadow palette. First, the colors are very nice. There is 12 colors in the palette. Four shimmer, and the rest are matte. I like that the black and white are matte. When I swatch the eyeshadows, the colors looked amazing. So, in theory, it should be a great palette. However, I wasn't very pleased with payoff on my eyelids. I think there is better drugstore eyeshadows out there. 

Face Form in Light:
This face palette is under "contouring" category in sleek's website. There is four shades (fair, light *the one I tried, medium and dark). It contains bronzer, highlighter and blusher. I'm not sure if they sell them separately. The blush is very shimmery, it is pink with golden shimmer in it. The highlighter, has a satin finish, for me it should be used very lightly as highlighter on the top of the cheek bones. I think it would work beautifully in the inner corner of the eyes. The bronzer, or the contour shade is my favorite, it is matte. I believe it would be a good contour color, but I like it as allover bronzer. 

True Colour Lipstick in Dare & Heartbreaker: 
Both are matte. Dare is dark burgundy as described in the website. For me it is more of a brownish red. I would describe it as a 90's brown lipstick. The other shade, is absolutely my favorite of the two. It's described as a coral pink in sleek's website. I think it is very accurate description. To be honest, I wouldn't think this color would suite my skin tone, but surprisingly it looks very beautiful. In the formula side, it is matte, but doesn't dry my lips out. However, it's not the smoothest lipstick you would apply. 

Blushes in Antique & Flushed:
Antique, described as a dusty rose, with silver glitter. I love the color so much, I'm not crazy about the glitter. But I can forgive the silver glitter for the beautiful color. Flushed, described as a deep plum. I'm not very impressed with this color. Nothing wrong with pigmentation. It just I think I have better options for plum blushes in my collection. 

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