Edible Playing Dough Recipe: for under one year old baby

My only struggle with feeding my little baby girl a solid  food is she loses interest very easily. And instead of eating, she wants to play with the food. So, my mission was to find for her something to eat and play with at the same time. Also, it has to be suitable for 9 months old baby. And it would be great if we can make it as less messy-bale as possible. You know you gotta keep things under control. 

When I searched for something already there. I mean an already made edible playing dough I found nothing. Yes I'm too lazy to make my own. Shockingly, there aren't such thing at least according to my google. However, I found some recipes here and there. And they are all contain either honey or milk or both. Which is apparently not good for someone in her age. 

I decided to do my own playing dough. The only ingredient came to my mind as a glow (for anything) is peanut butter. Also, it was a chance to introduce her to a different type of food. I searched in the internet, if it safe to give someone in her age peanut butter, and I wasn't pleased with what I found so I called her pediatric. I know I should do this at the first place, but you know you can't not to talk to Mr. Google. Well, her pediatric answered telling me as long as we (the parents) don't suffer from peanut allergy, it's fine. (If you want to do this dough to your baby, I would recommend to ask your baby's pediatric first). Well the recipe is only babies' cookies and peanut butter. I chose organic ones the brands really doesn't matter. This what happened to be available in my local grocery market. I added the only two ingredients into a blender and just looked for the right consistency.  And voila, everyone is happy.

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