MWiP #2

Good news, form me at least. I've managed to write one post during the last week. It's about The Honest Company Diapers and Wipes Bundle (go check it if you didn't already). Ok, let's talk about this week's MWiP. I did enjoy posting the first one. Hope you like this one (too), because I think it was pretty exiting week for me. Though spring is not here yet.

Clockwise: (1). Spring WHAT?!! It's officially spring, but it was yet another snowy day in here. Not complaining eventually spring will come. RIGHT? (2). I've been eyeing these H&M eyeshadow palettes for years. Literally for years, last week I decided to pick this Smokey Pink one, since I was searching for pink/purple shades eyeshadows (maybe I'll report back about them) (3). Finally, I ordered Wes Anderson. I was looking to buy since last december (4). Another, YES, finally, and also, Wes Anderson related. I was able to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel. I waited for it for so long, since I watched its trailer. However, when it has released it wasn't in any nearby movie theaters. Now after two weeks from the official release date it is in theater, and yes the only theater play it is 10 miles away  (5). Don't you agree, Target has some really cute stuff? I found these snack containers and I couldn't not to buy. Any way I needed snack container for my daughter :D (6). I'm in love with this sweater I found in the sale section in Anthropologie for $59.99. Still not cheap, but I don't buy tons of clothes, and it was %50 off. So, why not?!  (7). Remember last week when I said I hate having things I don't use or need? Well, good news I was able to sell this Asos bag I used to own on eBay. I loved it, but last Thanksgiving when we where in Boston the strap went off. Since I needed bigger bag for me and  my LO stuff, I thought it wont be useful to repair it so why not to try to sell it. So I did.  

See you next week. 

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