Spring Shopping with Luvocracy + Giveaway

When I was little girl spring was my favorite season, Though, we had no spring whatsoever in there. It was always long and very hot summer with month or two of dry winter. Now, I really don't know what is my favorite season, I know I hate sweating and feeling sticky (this is what I feel in hot weather). At the same time I'm tired of setting inside, and having to wear million layers of clothing just to recycle my trash. So yeah, I think I'm looking for spring this year. I know it's already March, but yet there will be snow storm next week in here. Enough with me rumbling, here is the giveaway. 

It's not something huge, but for real I enjoyed this site for months. If you don't know about Luvocracy yet, I would say it's almost like Pinterest but you can purchase what you like through Luvocracy. You can like what already people likes, or Luv new things from different shops in the internet. The interesting thing is when someone purchased your recommendation you will earn some credit which is always nice. When you sing up HERE you will get $10 credit automatically (I used mine to get FREE Sleek blush, I know I'm cheap). If you win the giveaway. Which is + $5 you can get (for example) this Friendship Bracelet Watch (above center) from my Spring Must Haves collection for almost $7.58 which I think brilliant. Or any thing you want, even maybe Sleek Blush ;). Just sign up, it's free, and have fun. The giveaway will end at the 24th of March. The winners will be notified via email on Tuesday, April 1 Giveaway, by Luvocracy (I wont announce anything in here nor I'm sending any emails to you guys). Here are the rules for this giveaway. And please don't forget to check my spring must haves. Also, it would be nice if you trust me on Luvocracy. 

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