MWiP #9

Yes I didn't write anything this pass/passing week. Have you ever felt the thing I'm feeling now? The thing I'm feeling now is not doing anything. Actually, it's being a week or so since I felt this way. And this week I reached the peak. I even forgot to photograph most of last week's moment. Never mind, here is my 9th MWiP. 

Clockwise: (1). Looking for new pair of shoes to my LG. I think these are nice, but I'm not sure if they are my final choice. (2). Yes, finding new ways to waste my time. (3). I ate this cannoli cake. It's from an italian pastry near by. It was good. (4). Guess what it was my friday night movie? Yes I rented Anchorman 2. Believe it or not, I was a fan of the first one. The second, not so much. Though, I think Steve Carell is super funny. (5). Yes, I forgot to photograph mine. But you get the idea. It's doner kabab/ gyro/ Turkish shawerma. Next time when you order some, and have some leftover, try to make gyro omelet with it. It's delicious, I honestly don't know way no body done this before. Or at least no body "I know". (6). After a year finally I changed my phone wallpaper. Isn't cool?! (7). I'm starting to get excited over football world cup this summer in Brazil. Are you?

See you next week. 

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